Mei Tai

What is a Mei Tai?

A Mei Tai is a carrier with a square or oblong body, with a long waist strap and two long shoulder straps.  It is simple and easy to tie on your own.  The length of the straps means it can fit any body shape or size, you and your partner can easily share it.

Why is a Mei Tai better for my baby’s development?

When a Mei Tai is worn correctly, baby's knees are positioned higher than the bottom and their legs are spread at the hips, so they are actually in a 'sitting' position.  This better promotes spine and hip development.  This is known as the spread/squat position.  This position is anatomically correct for your baby and should be the position adopted with all baby carriers.

Why is a Mei Tai better for me?

A Mei Tai disperses the weight to your hips as well as your shoulders, which makes it very comfortable to carry your baby even for long periods.  A Mei Tai will support your spine by spreading the weight evenly across your shoulders.

You can also alter the way the weight distributes by bringing the straps behind baby's back and back underneath the legs to the front for extra support.  This works well with an older or heavier baby. 

Multiple Carrying Positions

A Mei Tai can be used from birth until toddler age and you can carry your baby on the front or the back.

Portable and easy to use

Mei Tai’s fold up easily and can be kept in the car or home, or both!

With our large range of fabric choices you can really show your personality.


Mei tai’s are incredibly comfortable.



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