Mass Suicide In History

1. The People's Temple
 Founded in the late 1970s, under the leadership of Jim Jones, cults are separate from the world to live alone in a forest in South America. Following a number of complaints, in 1978, U.S. Congressman, Leo Ryan visited Jonestown area in a fact-finding mission. When Ryan would leave Jonestown, eighteen members of cults who want to leave cults that try to follow him, which also became a time when violence erupted.

Cult members opened fire flow to those who try to leave the cults that. Congressman Ryan, three journalists, and a member of cults who try to flee, were killed. Eleven people were injured. Several hours after the incident, ordered the leader of the cult members to mass suicide by taking potassium cyanide.

The children died first, the baby was murdered with poison that is inserted into the mouth with a straw. After that, more than nine hundred people, including children, poisoning themselves.

2.David Koresh
in the 1990s, a group that attracted attention because of mass death is David Koresh cults.

When security forces intend to conduct examination on a farm in Texas on February 28, 1993, cult members opened fire flow to them. The siege that lasted for 51 days was performed. When a member of the security forces trying to get into agriculture was on day 51, all of a sudden smoke started billowing.

Security forces later announced that David Koresh had burn agriculture, and various traps are installed in various places that agriculture has transformed the place into a hell, where about ninety people burned to death.

3. The Heaven's Gate
Cults which deviate again made headlines in 1997, when forty men who wore black shirts and sports shoes to mass suicide in northern San Diego. Aged between 26 and 72 years, they have killed himself on the belief that the comet Hale-Bopp, who was across the earth, will take them to a higher level of evolution. Below is how they thought contained in their Internet sites,

"Good news, because the old members in Evolutionary Level above human has made it clear to us that the approach of Halle-Bopp is a 'sign' that we have been waiting for .... The period of 22 years in space on earth finally nearing the end of 'graduation' from the Level of Human Evolution.

We are happily prepared to leave 'this world' and go with the crew of Ti (Ti refers to Bonnie Lu Trusdale one of the founders who died of cancer in 1985).


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